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  Xia-Xiang, fight to the death. The honourable, the elite and the powerful. A family worth fighting for, a family worth dying for, but a family worth struggling to survive for. Now I've seen a lot of battles in my time, A LOT of battles and I've been victorious in a large amount of them, actually to be honest I don't think I've ever lead my army into a battle that we've been defeated in, however there is a difference between fighting men, and fighting beasts. Its easy to defeat your opponent if you know how they think and what their goal is. However if it's a beast that just wishes to cold blooded kill every living thing in your nation, then you have a problem because they don't care about self preservation or the preservation of their kin. They just want to destroy and kill, which is how our nation almost had a downfall. Sometime ago it was a day like any other, the festivals were starting and the children were playing, a peaceful day in the land of Han when suddenly we got bombarded by scaly, disgusting vile creatures - the Dragon were barging in to our city, the funny thing is? That gate has been standing for generations, no army has ever been able to break down that gate, or these walls? When all it took was a heard of dragons and it came down like a horse sitting on a rat. Needless to say we were unprepared and massively out numbered, we got assistance from some of the villagers on the outskirts of the land but it wasn't enough to hold them back. I saw it was a lost battle so I did what I could to escape and look for help, maybe we could come back and rescue what survivors were left, just hopefully we'd make it back in time. As I left a dragon attempted to finish me off, but I wouldn't let it. I grabbed my blade and drove it deep into its chest, without even hesitating to see if it was dead I was off, weakened? But I have to do what I can to save Han?

It was two days of travelling until I arrived near the Buyan border in the wilderness. I've heard the strongest and fiercest of them all reside there so that's where I intended to search for assistance. Unfortunately I grew weary from my wound and just could not go on any longer. I collapsed outside a hut that what I thought had cloth laying on a rack to dry outside, hopefully someone heard my screaming and came to assist me?

I'm not sure how long I was out for but the next thing I remember was coming to consciousness with a man by my side asking if I was ok, he said he heard some screaming and ran over. I told the man what happened and he was a tad hesitant but agreed to help me. So after I got bandaged up we were on our way to save Han. Had I known the sorcerer was so strong I would not even have questioned him, he destroyed the dragon forces with the slightest effort and restored peace to our nation. It seems he was a old member of the family, or so I was told and it also seems that he was the son of our old Lord. They offered the position to him and he graciously accepted, I am honoured to be protecting him and his family, he is truly a great man, definitely one to be the Lord.