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 The Von Lucius family was once one of the largest and most influential families in the Vandal states. Now it is reduced to a single individual, myself.

For a long time, the Von Lucius clan and the Wagner clan were heated rivals. The two family's businesses overlapped, causing frequent tensions. Nothing more than occasional street duels resulting in some injuries broke out from this, but the offences built up until it seemed a clan war must break out. It started with the death of one of the Wager cousins, a clerk at one of their exchange buildings. A street brawl had ended with him lying in a gutter with a dagger with the ~VL insignia of our house sticking out of his back. Soon, we found poisons in our food and more than a few dead, and the war had begun.

You might think that such a war would have been short and bloody; ending in a mutual agreement that further bloodshed was unnecessary, but alliances had been forged in the past, and entire communities took sides. Eventually, it became much more than a clan war, and it enveloped all of eastern Europe, old misgivings and trespasses becoming excuses for war.

Ten years later, the family feud had been all but forgotten by the general populace, and the war dragged on. The Von Lucius family was down to fifteen members, and the Wagner less. We were weary of the battles and sought refuge in the Muslim countries to the south, but the Wagner assassins followed.

On the thirteenth day of the year, our safe house was attacked, and only myself, my mother, and my sister escaped. We ran to the east, but the Wagner assassins followed. In less than a week, I was the last Von Lucius alive, my mother being shot in the back with an arrow, and my sister used until death.

Wearily and half out of my mind, I trudged back to my homeland, revenge the only thought on my mind. Five months later, I was sitting in the middle of the Wagner home amongst the remains of their clan. All I remember of that night is blood.

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-X~~~///irado Von Lucius