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 The Rhuk'pt pack's history is not for the faint of heart. Rhuk'pt was originally formed in Southeast Kaya in the dense forests of the Kanpy'ar jungles by two brothers; Maurier and Rundeal. Maurier and Rundeal grew up in the village of Rotem Lecuy, a lost village, where it's remains are believed to be situated in Northeast Kaya. The Rhuk'pt pack moved from Southest Kaya to the Sanhae valley during the God war. Many men passed through their sacred lands, tearing their once peaceful forest reserve into campouts, so relocation was a priority.

Rhuk'pt isn't a pack of humans, you see. Rhuk'pt is a family of Lycanthrope's and natural wolves. The Lycanthrope's came to be by Maurier and Rundeal, when they were bitten by one of the original elders of Rhuk'pt for disturbing their mating grounds. The strange thing about the Rhuk'pt family was their ability to switch from wolf to human at any given time. Even stranger, only the females had this ability.

By Yuri 30, the population of the Rhuk'pt family was declining. The family all lived in the Sanhae valley. Only 3 females and 4 males were left. Rhuk'pt were veiwed as sick beasts, only alive for human mutilation. In total, over 500 family members were killed leading up to this point. Finally, in Yuri 33, the last batch of pups was born. One female and four males were born. The pups were; Henchfoot, Tailflesh, Bloodview and Cybertooth, the female. Cybertooth grew up in Sanhae for 3 Yuri's at a distance from her family. She had long, silver and mahogony fur. Her mane, which extended from her forehead to her tailbone, was black and shaggy and hung constantly in her face. Her eyes were two seperate colours; red and white.

Tragedy struck in Yuri 37 when a flash flood occured, killing off the last members of the Rhuk'pt family - except for Cybertooth. She hid away in Buya for many Yuri's until finally moving to Nagnang in middle of Yuri 60. As time went on, she found a new family; The Forsaken clan. Though a member of the clan, she often spent time wandering the groves of Nagnang, collecting her thoughts and letting the days sail by. She often thought back to her childhood and how fortunate she was to be alive. With that, Cybertooth still felt alone in the world. She was, as far as she knew, was the last of her kind.

On particularly cloudy evening, Cybertooth was resting near the Western gates of Nagnang, observing the night skies when a man, dressed in dark robes approached her.

"Excuse me, m'am" cooed the mysterious fellow. "Might I have a moment of your time?"

Cybertooth looked up and observed the figure. He was a man of average height; a wanderer of Nagnang, it seemed. Dressed from head to toe in black, he had a rather peculiar aura about him.

".. I suppose," Cybertooth said, as she brushed her mane out of her eyes. "What can I do for you?" she asked and she snarled her teeth, exposing her two frontal fangs.

"Your mane.. are you.." the strange figure looked closer. ".. A.. a relative of the Rhuk'pt family?"

Cybertooth's eyes widened. She hopped to her feet and looked the man directly in the eyes. "Yes.. why yes! What's it to you? Are you a family member as well?"

The strange figure motioned his hands outward and shook his head.

"No.. no, I'm not. I'm.. I'm a friend of Aura.. and shes told me about you."

"Aura? The Shaman in Sanhae?"

"Yes," he smiled. "That would be her. My name is Morteus and I'm here to learn more about your family."

As it went, Cybertooth and Morteus grew more attatched. Morteus immediately found a wekness within Cybertooth; the mental scars of losing her family. Cybertooth got Morteus into the Forsaken clan and soon, they had become close; so close, they spent most of their days together, amongst more of Morteus' close relatives. Cybertooth was welcomed into their family with open arms. Though she may not have had their blood, they all shared a sense of equality amongst eachother.